Installing a Steel Building

Saving time and money are two factors often cited when choosing a steel building. Site preparation for a traditional frame structure may take the same or more time than for a steel building. Once site preparation is done, it can take weeks before a traditional structure is completed. The outside frame of the building must be constructed at the site. Once that has been completed, the trusses must be placed on top and the roof added. Walls or siding come next. Finish work, such as floor, window and door installation, are the final steps before the building is completed.

Steel buildings do not have this lag time. Modern steel buildings are designed to the owner's specifications and custom built in the factory. Once they are shipped to the site, the pieces are joined. Labor costs for erecting a steel building are generally much less than a traditional frame building. This is because of the speed associated with joining prefabricated pieces. Even doors and windows are pre-measured and part of the package. It generally takes no more than a few days for all but the largest steel building to be completely set up.